About Us

IMF roasters and equipment are manufactured in Occibello, Italy to worlds best practice. IMF engineers have accumulated more than 50 years knowledge and design building coffee roasters and equipment.

Roastquip is proud to be appointed exclusive Australasian agent for IMF Roasters and equipment. Owner and director Will Notaras has extensive experience selling and servicing coffee roasters since 2007 (he also owns Roastmax Roasters).

Will is formally trained as an aircraft maintenance engineer (engine/airframe), and has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry, earning a diploma in manufacturing management and a degree in business. Will has also been trained by IMF factory engineers.

Roastquip has a network of gasfitters and electricians Australia wide who can assist in the installation of your roasting plant. Factory engineers can also be provided in the setup and training. When you talk to us, you are talking with someone who understands the AGA gas regulations, as well as the electrical and emission requirements required to meet Australian standards.

We look forward in talking with you about your future plans.