IMF's modern designed roasters allow for efficient and uniform high volume roasting batch after batch.

Statistically speaking, as the volume of coffee being roasted increases, so does the probability of inconsistency. To reduce inconsistent roasts, IMF use an exclusive VORTEX and EQUALIZER roasting technology that roasts the coffee with precision and consistency, regardless of whether its the first or last batch of the day. This technology also noticeably enhances the coffee's acidity and results in a cleaner finish to the coffee taste. The RECIRCULATING HEAT TECHNOLOGY further reduces gas consumption by at least 30%.


The VORTEX system mixes ambient air into the hot airstream before it enters the roaster via an electronically operated modulating valve, so the air is already at the correct temperature before it enters the drum giving consistently uniform temperature of the hot airstream through the entire roasting process on every roast.


The EQUALIZER ensures the same volume of air enters into the roaster. This feature delivers equal volumes of hot air both inside and surrounding the perforated alloy drum surface, giving even heat distribution across the entire surface of the coffee beans, and eliminating any temperature fluctuations inside the drum. Temperature and air volumes can be adjusted according to the coffee blend or single origin via the PLC touch-screen.


Unlike conventional roasters that use a burner for the roaster and a separate burner to treat the emissions (afterburner), IMF roasters use only one burner chamber that sits to the side of the roaster. As the coffee is roasted, the emissions leave the roaster via a steel duct into the burner chamber to incinerate the emissions. Some of the heat in the burner chamber, which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, is instead re-circulated via a stainless steel duct back into the roaster. Ambient air is mixed into the duct electronically to reduce the heat to the required temperature to heat the beans for roasting, and the cycle starts again. A minimum 30% reduction in gas consumption is achieved.


The continuous chaff extractor allows the chaff to be continuously emptied automatically from the chaff collector into a rubbish bin. This prevents fire hazards as chaff collector is always empty. There is no need to stop machine to empty chaff collector therefore increasing efficiency & no mess.


IMF's integrated roaster, afterburner, destoner and loader requires a smaller operational space compared with conventional roasters that use separate accessory systems. This can eliminate the need for a larger and more costly premises, and reduce installation costs as there is no separate afterburner to install.


IMF Roasters are constructed using the highest alloy and stainless steel construction. The perforated mild steel drum gives uniform heat transfer at constant heat whether it is the first or last roast of the day. Built in Italy, IMF roasters and equipment are manufactured to exacting standards and worlds best practice.


IMF Roasters come in 30kg, 60kg, 120kg & 240kg size industrial roasters, and 15kg shop roaster. Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual models are available.